nicks race photo.jpg

Nick Ryser

Nick is our team manager, and our first official ambassador.  A long time two wheel shredder with an enduro motocross and BMX background makes him an ideal product tester.   Nick has only just started in the downhill race scene, and has already made the move to Pro for 2018.  Keep an eye on him!


brian race team photo.jpg

Brian Davison

With 8 years of racing under his belt, a history in competitive sports, and a love for the solo competition that downhill racing has to offer, Brian is one to watch this year.  After years of racing for the fun of it, Brian is ready to give it his all and is hungry for some first place positions in the upcoming season.  

Eric race team photo.jpg

Eric Evans

Eric has just made the jump from Cat I to Pro and is ready for his debut.  Eric has been racing for over 10 years and knows the ropes better than most (i.e. just how much loko to drink to produce the podiums, and just how much loko to drink to cheer instead).  

wood race team photo.jpg

Wood Skinner

Wood is the original honorary lost boy and has been an incredible supporter for the past two years.  A Pro category racer with an amazing drive, he has been pushing our limits and demanding results  since day one.  We hand delivered a race prototype in the race venue parking lot just hours before he put it into action and two days later had its first race under his belt!

mike howe race photo copy.jpg

Mike Howe

Mike has been racing with us since before the conception of Lost Bikes.  Being an aspiring entrepreneur, and having years of racing experience, he fits right in. The past year he really pushed his racing to the next level and bumped up to Cat I.  With a no fear attitude and a resilience we have yet to see matched, we're excited to see what's next for him this year! 

Christine race team photo.jpg

Christine Stivers

New to our team this year, Christine has been an absolute blast to ride with.  She bumped her way up to Cat I for 2018 and we can't wait to see her rock it.  Christine has a competitive spirit and pushes herself to do better constantly while never losing sight of having fun.  We're honored to have her on our team.


Nick Omta

Nick has been riding with Eric since childhood.  He's been part of the team longer than any of us can remember.  Last year he made the move to Cat II and has been loving the faster courses (with less pedaling!), but really he's just here to drink all our beer!