About Us





Lost-Bikes is a grassroots frame building company based in the riding mecca that is the Pacific Northwest.  We saw a market flooded by cookie-cutter Taiwanese made bikes that still cost thousands of dollars.  We believe that racers, and riders need a choice that supports ingenuity, American manufacturing, and passion; that's where Lost-Bikes steps in.  Everything is designed, manufactured and tested, by us, in-house.

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Eric Evans

When he's not smashing laps Or Four-Lokos, Eric Evans leads our design and engineering, and CNC departments and is the lead on the lemonade project. Eric has been building his own crazy long travel bikes for over 5 years and racing for over 10. All that experience is being funneled into our new bikes.


Brian Davison

4 years of building and racing his own bike designs prior to Lost Bikes, an inability to “take it easy” on the trail, and a fun loving demeanor.  Brian has coupled his natural skills in the shop with his passion for biking and is the lead of the sales and customer relations departments, the hardtrail 29 project, and aides in design and manufacturing.